Welcome, with a disclaimer.

Thanks for visiting. This site is literally being re-built from scratch in December 2019. Almost none of the links work, with one exception: you can reliably click-through to see news of our New Book !
During construction (or anytime), you can reach me at: key@scotthiggs.com
Some of the not-yet-functional featured items on this site:

Key to the Cellar - a book of new and re-constructed dances by Scott and Jenny Beer. Click the cover image to learn more about the book, including download and buying options.

What exciting events are coming soon ? Check the Calendar page for details.
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Occasionally, there are times when I am not dancing, planning, or devising dances. Here are some other projects that keep me busy.

Joyful dancing - it's a happy theme ! Most of this website's information is accessed from the Dance page.
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