Many kinds of dancing bring me great joy. In particular, contra, English, morris, and couple dancing each offer wonderful delights. It is my privilege and pleasure to teach and to share these delights with others.

Here’s an exciting moment from one of our morris dance performances at NEFFA !
(No, I am not the one leaping …)

The Biography page (link from right menu) is not my life story, but a review of dance projects and calling/teaching highlights. Too much text – it was created to give event organizers easy access to information when they need to write a blurb to describe me.

The CALENDAR page (link from top menu) stays relatively up-to-date — please check there to see what’s on the horizon, and highlights of the recent past.

The Workshops page (link from right menu) presents titles and blurbs from some of the most popular dance workshops I have led in recent years.

Sorry to say, the Choreography page (link from right menu) is not yet in working order. Although several of my dances have been printed (in multiple publications, on two continents), many more are fairly popular, but not easily available. If you’d like directions for one of my dances, please just let me know via the CONTACT page (link from top menu).

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