This is a map of my election district. It perfectly captures the essence of gerrymandering. The strange, jagged shape has no relation to town borders, natural features, or any other honest method of grouping people. Instead, this crazy, computer-generated puzzle piece is designed by politicians to guarantee themselves re-election, and make many votes meaningless. In Pennsylvania in 2016, significantly more people voted for Party A candidates to Congress than Party B (trying to keep this neutral, both sides play this game). Thanks to gerrymandering, this “defeat” of Party B resulted in 13 Congressional seats for the “Bs” and only 5 for Party A (despite “As” winning the popular vote count) ! The goal of this project is to turn the dysfunctional political process into a system that better reflects the will of the voters. It’s a major challenge, to put it mildly.┬áHere’s the website for We Can Fix Congress !