Pin With Me: More Fun for Online Dancing !

COVID-19 has cancelled hundreds of dance events this year. Dancers are disappointed, but resourceful. Online dance events have been popping-up all around the world.

You don't need to dance alone in your living room ! Zoom offers a way to dance with a partner/buddy, enjoying face-to-face personal connection: "pinning." If you and a buddy agree to share your videos, you form a mutual connection for the length of a dance. By 'pinning' each other, your videos fill each other's screens, and you can relate one-on-one as you dance together.

If you're interested, check-out this Zoom-pin-with-me document. It is a work-in-progress: feel free to share, but please pass along your suggestions for maximizing fun with Zoom dancing. (contact link is at the bottom of this page)

Thanks for your interest and help. I hope to dance with you sometime soon !

(Updated July, 2020)